Christopher Gerlach
Christopher Gerlach
Biographical information

October 11th, 1985. Montreal, Canada




180 cm


82 kg

Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color


  • Officer
  • Jedi Padawan
  • Jedi Historian
  • RP Wiki Updater
RP Characters

Mini Biography Edit

"Unikatze" is a recent member of the Champions of the Force, having joined in August 2009.

His real name is Christopher Gerlach, he was born in Montreal, Canada on October 11th 1985. His mother being Canadian and his father Chilean.
Since he was little he has moved a lot with his family, living most of his life in Chile, but also in places such as Curacao, Miami and Houston.

He is currently living in Concon, Chile. Where he's employed at the local Radisson hotel as a recepcionist. He lives with his wife, Pia, his newborn baby boy Stephan, and his four cats; Inari, Naomi, Sasori and Grisita.

The Old Republic Edit

Unikatze plans on playing a Jedi Knight upon the game's release. And also having plenty of alts, of which he is most interested in: Jedi Consular, Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor and Trooper.

Champions of the Force Edit

Unikatze was named official RP Wiki Updater on Monday November 23rd, 2009. However he's not very proud of the possition, considering he was chosen because he was the only applicant and not because of his merits.

He's been named an officer in the guild. He's also a member of the Jedi Enclave where he's a Jedi Padawan and Jedi Historian.

Roleplaying Edit

Unikatze will roleplay every character he creates, his main Jedi being currently unnamed, but will most likely take his real name or Uni'katze.

Other characters he currently plans on creating are a trooper named Surge, after Unikatze's father Sergio. Aside from that he plans on roleplaying either a gay Sith Warrior or Smuggler for laughs.

He is also currently roleplaying the Trooper Zack Fergus in the Battle of Bothawui roleplay, however, he will be killed along with all the republic forces before the end of the RP, meaning he will never make it to the actual game.

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