A Short Biography Edit

Caed Lucin has been a member of the Champions of the Force since July 1st, 2009.

The Old Republic Edit

Caed Lucin is still currently undecided at which class to choose but it will definately be a force user class upon the game's release. He will definately roll a smuggler as his alt and should he be lucky enough to enter beta testing, he would most definately roll a sith so it would not spoil his fun when the game officially launched.

Champions of the Force Edit

Caed Lucin is a Jedi padawan of Master Jedi Corwin Shelvay. Even though he has yet to begin roleplaying his character with Master Shelvay, Caed is already a Jedi Knight in the archives of the Champions for some unknown reason.

Roleplaying Edit

He hasn't started any roleplaying with his character. Caed's roleplaying experience were not of the writing story type, but rather in-game roleplaying type. He roleplayed in Lord of the Rings Online in a kinship called "The Mission of Este" and that was his first ever experience in roleplaying. He really missed those days though.

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